The insanity work-out

Of course we want to own that ground-and-pound chiseled body and be told by Emma Stone Uke she did Gosling in Crazy, Stupid Love: “It’s like you’re Photoshopped” (real men watch cheesy Rom-cams). We want to flip our shirts to flaunt our six packs and be a douchebag for once. We want to know how…

Watershot Strykr SL 40M

A versatile mini canister light: You can select light output and corresponding burn time as well as beam pattern and mounting configurations. Depth rated to 120 feet, the kit includes light head, battery, cord, mount and charger.

Scuba PRO Nova 200

With its ultra compact, 5.5-inch polished-aluminum body and powerful single LED, the new Nova 200 is an easy-to-stow go-anywhere light, ideal for backup illumination or for travel.

Aqua Lung ALU Solo

This Italian-made underwater light measures 9 inches long and offers a maximum operating depth of 1,000 feet. Powered by easy-to-get C cells, it pumps out enough illumination to light up the darkest night dive.

Mares Eos 2c

This is a more compact version of the EOS 5. It’s only 6 inches long, stowing easily in a pocket. Batteries load into a canister that slides into an aluminum casing protected by double O-rings.